Dresses was a musical duo formed in 2012. Its members were Timothy Heller and Jared Ryan Maldonado. The group seems has obviously split up, since new content hasn't been released since 2015 and both members have started their own solo careers.

Background Edit

Timothy and Jared first met in late 2011, when Maldonado was touring with a mutual friend's band. An Internet correspondence began and both expressed a desire to work on a more considered project than the various musical outlets they'd been involved in, and as a result, Dresses was formed in 2012. The two vocalists found they harmonized nicely together and surrounded their voices with a bevy of instrumentation that they played themselves, resulting in a wide-eyed, optimistic indie sound that volleyed from folksy ballads to beat-driven party anthems.[1]

Career Edit

On 2013, the band released their debut album, Sun Shy. On the same year, they also were featured in a song called Carelessly, by Prince of Spain, for the album "His Majesty". Then, in 2014, the band's first EP, Lonely One EP, was released. They also released two EPs: Pandora Whiteboard Sessions (Live From Pandora, Oakland/2014) and Pandora Whiteboard Session: February 3rd, 2014, which included songs performed live at Pandora by the duo. 2015 was a year marked by many releases for the band: the singles Let Down, Frozen, Catch, Please Don't Go featuring Cheat Codes, and the album Let Down were released. Although it was a productive year, the duo later split without an official statement.

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